3Cs (Casual, Comfortable, Cute) This is my style on the weekends when my boys have me in that “Mom is my personal Uber driver” mode!  Who else relate to weekends of transporting your kids to all their activities?  Forget heels, I’m trying to be comfortable, cute and in this case make a statement with this graphic shirt.  I get tired but I wouldn’t trade seeing my kids experience life for anything!

When I saw this shirt at Target, I knew I had to have it! I LOVE graphic shirts and the term “Queen”.  It’s fun, expressive and an effortless way to create a cute outfit.  Now apparently there is a whole debate about the intent behind calling a woman “Queen,” but personally it doesn’t bother me and I’ve only seen it used as a term of endearment.  Besides, I’m a firm believer in defining yourself on your own terms.

This shirt has a bleached, grunge look that I really like.  Initially, I paired it with ripped jeans and but when I came across these jeggings at Sears, I was like YASSS, this is even better!  The shoes I got from TJ Maxx.  To dress this shirt up, I would pair it with a bright color pencil skirt or wide leg.  Have fun with it and most importantly exude CONFIDENCE!


Shirt: Target

Jeggings: Sears

Shoes: TJ Maxx