“I’m afraid to wear colors”  or “How do you make that work, I can’t wear colors like that” is the top things I hear when I wear colorful outfits like this dress.  A lot of people are scared to wear color! Well I am hear to encourage you not to box yourself in with fashion rules, but to experiment and try something out of your norm.

I actually bought this dress with intentions to modify it into a tailcoat style top to wear it with jeans underneath; however I decided against it once I tried it on.  The colors against my dark skin were magnificent and who can ignore the belt to cinch the waist and sexy slit up the front.  I wore it on my shoulders, but off-the-shoulder is another option and I paired it with the popular clear heels.  The material is very stretchy and not thin, but I still recommend appropriate shapewear underneath.  So ladies, here are my tips if you want to try more colorful outfits:

  • Find a color complementary to your skin tone
  • Go light & neutral with the makeup (you don’t want to look clownish)
  • Start small with one piece, like a top and balance it with a neutral, solid color bottom or vice versa

As you get comfortable and learn what works for your skin tone and style, take it up a notch; but remember balance is key!  You CAN do it! Until next time…XO, Treece


Dress: Amazon 

Shoes: Fashion Nova